Bolognese     14.95

  our version of this classic red sauce. crumbled sausage, grated carrots and fresh garlic  tossed with angel hair

Alfredo     13.50

  made with fresh garlic, schroeder heavy cream and sweet butter from local farms tossed with fettuccine

Aglio Olio     13.50

  sweet butter, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, red onions & parsley.  served with fresh roma tomatoes & tossed with fettuccine

Spaghetti & Meatballs     15.95

  memorable homemade meatballs in our rich tomato sauce & tossed with spaghetti

Primavera     15.95

  fresh sautéed garden vegetables with a choice of alfredo, marinara or aglio olio sauce. Tossed with fettuccine

Artichoke Heart Sauté     15.95

  roasted red & yellow roasted peppers, sliced red onions & artichokes sautéed in a white wine aglio olio sauce & tossed with angel hair

Shrimp & Garlic     18.95

  net caught 16-20 sized black tiger shrimp sautéed in our aglio olio sauce with red onions & tossed with fettuccine

Chicken & Broccoli     15.95

  sautéed chicken chunks & steamed broccoli served on top of our rich alfredo sauce & tossed with fettuccine

Pesto     14.95

  fresh basil, garlic, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil & pine nuts combined into a homemade puree sauce.  tossed with fettuccine

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto     15.50

  our pesto sauce fused with finely chopped sun dried tomatoes & tossed with fettuccine

Seafood Cannelloni     18.95

  our rich seafood mixture of crab, shrimp, scallops, ricotta, fresh basil & sun dried tomatoes wrapped in a pasta sheet.  topped with a portabella mushroom cream sauce

Scallops & Crab     19.95

  deep sea scallops and chilean crab leg meat sautéed in a white wine aglio olio sauce with red onions, fresh lemon & chiffonade basil.  tossed with fettuccine

Shrimp Macalester    19.95

  jumbo black tiger shrimp, organic spinach & garlic in a sun dried tomato mascarpone sauce tossed with fettuccine  named after the macalester professors who roundly bugged us to make this special a part of the permanent menu

Meat Ravioli     14.95

  seasoned ground pork, parmesan, red onions & fresh parsley.  topped with our marinara sauce

Ravioli Carmelo     15.95

  prosciutto, fresh basil & ricotta cheese topped with our alfredo sauce & sprinkled with toasted walnuts

Spinach & Cheese Ravioli     14.95

  fresh spinach, ricotta cheese & parmesan.  topped with our marinara sauce

Sausage Arrabbiata     17.95

  slices of italian sausage sauteed with crimini mushrooms and onions  tossed with rigatoni in a spicy arrabbiata sauce  topped with shavings of asiago cheese