Chianti          renzo masi          tuscany               7.50  &  31.00                   

we have had the good fortune to sample a lot of Chianti through the years & this is our & our staff’s favorite bottle in this price range.  smooth & with a touch of fruitiness.

Chianti Classico          castello d’albola        chianti               --  &  36.00                

hands down the most popular wine for the past 13 years.  yes 13 years & still the king.

Pinot Noir          five rivers          central coast               7.50  &  31.00        

this is a lighter style of Pinot Noir.  very agreeable.  not too powerful or complex.  rather beautiful in its simplicity.  this wine appeals to those who like it easy & understated.


Pinot Noir          Truchard          napa               9.00  &  36.00              

thithe initial mouth feel is silky, the tannins are delicate with a lingering red fruit finish, medium body with a very up front fruit, the Carneros region produces some fantastic Pinot Noirs.

Red Blend Ungrafted          ghostrider          saint helena               9.00  &  36.00      

great tasting red blend that you will enjoy drinking anytime, this is a wine you will want to share with your friends, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon Petite Sirah Syrah and Zinfandel  dark color and rich aroma

Sangiovese/Cabernet        erta e china        tuscany               9.000  & 36.00

full-bodied, velvety & slightly thick.  ½ Sangiovese & ½ Cabernet grapes.  starts out bold yet shows off a really nice lasting finish.  It’s really got a nice zing to it.

(air-ta e key-na)   *a children’s game in Italy, from the top of the mountain all the way down to China*

montepulciano          della scalla          abruzzo               7.50  &  31.00       

displays broad, bright character with a really simple aroma. It has a ripe red fruit flavor and the tannins are super relaxed. I like the fact that it does not have that pucker effect.

Zinfandel          Klinker Brink         california               9.000  &  36.00         

big and bold  the tanins are relaxed it will grab your attention and put a smile on your face  silly name for sure  but when it comes to wine  do you really judge a book by its cover?  One of Shelli’s favorite wines.

Sangiovese         il bastardo          firenze               7.50  &  31.00        

Il Bastardo is a big old gal.  she has a long, smooth finish not often found in a wine this affordable.  none of that cheek puckering tartness, thank goodness.  warm tummy feel.

Cabernet Sauvignon           Sean Minor        pasa robles               9.00  &  36.00        

Sean Minor reminds you of the big powerful expensive Cabs of California,  yet it is not too overpowering.  Mark really likes how forward and jammy it tastes.  No real bitter tannic aftertaste.

pinot grigio          la bastarda          sicily               7.50  &  31.00                   

if you are looking for a light, clean wine to go with dinner this is perfect.  simple & traditional.  the body & flavors are exactly what is expected from a Pinot Grigio.

chardonnay          graystone         saint helena              8.00  &  32.00              

i like finding inexpensive wines that pack a lot of personality & flavor. with so many Chardonnays on the market it’s nice to find one that offers so much for a modest charge.

chardonnay          toasted head          central coast               9.00  &  36.00      

toasted head is a cool new discovery. a complex Chardonnay with a broad spectrum of flavors. these flavors are like a pretty shnazzy fruit compote. real cool.

sauvignon blanc        niner        edna valley               8.50  &  34.00

this is not your mother’s Sauv Blanc.  I don’t know how to describe it, it’s big & fruity.  really different.  summer picnic; that is always my first thought.  warm grass under bare feet, hokey I know, but that’s what comes to mind.

pinot gris          j vineyards          california               9.00  &  36.00       

i have been looking for a Pinot Gris that is not overly perfume-y or flower-y. a Pinot Gris that has some personality and strength. This is a popular wine with the staff.

moscato          foris vineyards        rogue valley               9.00  &  36.00       

ithis is a perfect example of why Moscato is becoming so popular.  With the crisp,clean mouthfeel and seemingly sweet flavors of honey, orange and vanilla.  Zesty.

signature white blend          fabio viviano          napa               7.50  &  31.00         

it is very juicy & punchy. it is a blend of Viogner, Sauv Blanc, Muscat & Chenin Blanc. Starting to discover a lot of neat blended wines & this is a great example.  Sweeter style wine.

riesling          willamette valley          washington state               8.50  &  34.00        

ok everyone i am finally listening to all of you. You said “we want a sweet white wine like a Riesling on the menu.” I said “But it is a German wine in an Italian restaurant.” You said “We don’t care. Put it on the menu.”  “Ok fine”